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About Shop Mineola / Business Directory for Mineola, Tx 75773 is a joint public / private venture between the City of Mineola and Main Street Web Promotions, LLC to provide Mineola with a comprehensive on-line directory of businesses in the 75773 zip code. The goal of is to provide every business in Mineola a free on-line listing.

With the growing popularity of smart phones and the number of people passing through our town, an accurate listing of all businesses is a much needed addition to Mineola's on-line presence. Currently, Google the terms “Mineola TX” and “Mineola Texas” are searched at a one year monthly average of 44000 times with 11000 of those are on cell phones. On average 1460 people a day look for something in or about Mineola. So, the question we have to ask is, are they finding what they want, are they finding your business?

Your listing is Free thanks to the City of Mineola. The listing will be maintained at no cost to business owners by Main Street Web Promotions. In exchange for maintaining the site, the City of Mineola has agreed to allow Main Street Web Promotions to sell advertising on the site and offer additional services to business owners (at a nominal fee) to pay for hosting and maintenance. Shop Mineola has been developed and will be maintained.